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Hair-like strokes for a very natural realistic end result. Best for clients with an even amount of brow hair and healthy skin that is not too thin. Suitable for dry to combination skin.

Initial Investment $475 Perfecting Appointment $50

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Microshading .HEIC


Microblading + machine shading for a soft powdery end result with hair strokes. Great option if you want a natural look, but need density added where you have over plucked for years or are suffering from hair loss. Suitable for all skin types.

Initial Investment $575 Perfecting Appointment $50

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Ombre Powder Brow

Pixelated powder brow with soft lighter fronts. End result is a soft makeup filled in brow. I can make them as bold or soft as you would like. Suitable for all skin types. 

Initial Investment $575 Perfecting Appointment $50

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Lip blush .HEIC

Watercolor Lip Blush

Lip tattoo great for anyone that wants a hint of soft color. Corrects asymmetry and brings color and definition to make them appear fuller without going out of the natural lip line.

Initial Investment $500 Perfecting Appointment $50

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Dark Lip Neutralization

Lip Blushing to brighten and even out cool tone lips. First treatment the pigment must be orange. Once that heals you will have a nude-pink result. May take 2-3 sessions to get desired results.

Initial Investment $500 Perfecting Appointment $50

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Soft Eyeliner

A classic liner with a small wing. The top is dusty and pixelated, for a soft beautiful end result. 

Initial Investment $450 Perfecting Appointment $50

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Lash enhancement tattoo .HEIC

Lash Enhancement Tattoo

A thin line in the lash line, to make your lashes appear fuller. When your eyes are closed you cannot see it and when they are open, your lashes look full and defined. Makes your eyes pop!

Initial Investment $350 Perfecting Appointment $50

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Annual Touchup

For existing clients only. Prices Varies. If you would like an exact quote, please email a picture of the area you need touched up. 

Investment $250 - $350

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Anything to avoid before?

-24 hours prior avoid Caffeine and Alcohol. 


-48-72 hours before refrain from Advil, Aspirin, Ibuprofen, Aleve, vitamin E, and fish oil to avoid thinning of the blood. You make take Tylenol if needed, this will not thin your blood.


-4 weeks before the scheduled service avoid Botox, fillers, laser treatments, chemical peels, retinol, and exposure to strong sunlight.

How should I come in the day of my appointment?

It is best to come in with freshy washed hair and your makeup as you would normally wear it. If you normally do not fill in your brows, no worries I map them out regardless. For eyeliner and lash enhancement, please come with no eye makeup or contacts. 

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Pregnant or breastfeeding 

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Under 18 years of age

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Clients with skin diseases near the area of procedure 

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Have HIV or Hepatis or any other viral infections

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Continued use of Accutane

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On any medications that affect how your skin responds to healing and blood clotting. 

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