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Bri Aragon is a Medical Micropigmentologist and Instructor licensed in Oklahoma, specializing in the most natural permanent makeup. Known for her realistic microblading, nano brows, and watercolor lip blush tattoos, she believes less is more. The confidence permanent makeup brings her guests is what she loves most about her career.  She has attended advanced training with Phi Brows, Dao Brows, 5 Star Academy, and Julie Kim to perfect her skills. Bri is the founder of BA Brows Academy. The academy is designed to elevate the level of training for future artist in the state. She can’t wait to share her knowledge and expertise!

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The why...

Bri first fell in love with the beauty industry in 2009 when she became a licensed hairstylist. She loved seeing how a new look would bring her guest so much confidence. When microblading was first becoming popular years ago, she decided to book an appointment to get new brows! She was a victim of the 90’s overplucked brow that never grew back. Bri researched but could not find anyone in Oklahoma, so she made the decision to travel to Dallas to get hers done. Leaving the studio she was unsatisfied with the quality of work and the professionalism. Knowing she could give a better experience, she looked into how to get licensed in Oklahoma. Through the state she obtained her medical micropigmentation license, completing the 300 program. Since then she has traveled out of state to attend many advanced education courses from some of the most well-known artist. She forever has a student mindset and promises to always stay up to date on the new trends and techniques. 


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Traveling-Her favorite trip has been Iceland! She went snorkeling in the Silfra, Volcano caving, snowmobiling on a glacier, and saw some of the most beautiful waterfalls!

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Nice, France is a close second! Bri loves the slow-paced European culture were you never feel rushed. Sitting by beautiful Mediterranean Sea with a glass of rose- I mean does it get much better than that?

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She lived in Chicago for a few years in her early 20s and her love for biking began there. Now she loves to bike around Lake Hefner! She also enjoys Latin dancing. Salsa and Bachata are her two favorites!

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Bri has two fur babies that she adores, Lumen and Riley.



Phi Brows is one of the most advanced microblading trainings IN THE WORLD! After seeing the level of expertise Phi artist displayed, Bri traveled to Salt Lake City for the course and passed all 11 levels in 6 months under master Leslie Ritchie. Phi brow artist produce great work because they follow a very specific method. From the start of shaping your eyebrows using the golden ratio, to the final reveal, you will feel at ease with a Phi brow artist.

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